Paranormal Romance Novel - Wicked Moon

Wicked Moon – A Suspenseful Romance


In 1863, a captain built a 19th Century mansion on Cape Cod Bay. Secrets destroyed his family, and led to the death of his daughter. Belinda’s ghost strolled the widow’s walk, waiting for her love to return. Determined to restore the mansion, handed down for generations, Kelli returns to Manomet to find a developer has claimed ownership of the property. Will Kelli stand her ground, risking her life to hold on to her beloved Manomet Mansion? Find out more in this wonderful new paranormal romance novel by Taylor Nash.

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Wicked Moon, a suspenseful romance novel with a paranormal flair, is purely a work of fiction and labor of love. The setting is a real house called the Simes House. The location is the wonderful coastal village of Manomet in the Town of Plymouth, Massachusetts which is ringed by the Pine Hills, peppered with ponds, and fronted by Cape Cod Bay. The roads, landmarks, and businesses in Wicked Moon all exist.

Known to natives as the Manomet Mansion, over the years she fell into disrepair. In 2010 the town proposed an article to tear her down and build subsidized housing. Villagers argued to Town Meeting that the Manomet Village Master Plan looked to preserve the village’s unique, historical features, and to create a village green in the vicinity of Point and State Roads. Town Meeting declined the new housing, the non-profit Simes House Foundation was established, and a $1.5 million Community Preservation grant voted by Town Meeting toward historical restoration.

All profits from Wicked Moon will be donated to the Simes House Foundation.


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